Sürmene, Trabzon

Çamburnu, which is one of the rare points seen at sea level of the Sarıçams, is a place you would want to see with its rock-and-stones-erosed waves. Visit Çamburnu at sunset, which is about 45 minutes (~ 50 km) from Trabzon. It’s hard to imagine a better afternoon than enjoying a colourful sunset view while sipping your tea.

After parking your car in the parking lot of “Hancıoğlu Çamburnu facilities”, you can enjoy the tea and start by going down the steep stairs to the beach. Waves, yellow pine trees and the best light of the day; Even if you have taken your memorable holiday photo!

Now the view of the “Hancıoğlu Çamburnu facilities” came to the best table and to throw the fatigue of the day. Watching the sunset with a freshly brewed tea or maybe even a rice pudding is always an experience you can’t taste, unless you live in Trabzon. You probably won’t be the best rice pudding you’ve ever eaten, but we’re guessing you haven’t come to Çamburnu for a gastronomy visit.

If you are considering visiting Çamburnu on a hot summer day, you can come to the sea from this pristine beach by coming a little earlier. There is no facility, sun loungers or business in Çamburnu. This is the natural state that makes this beach special.

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