How to Get There ?


By Plane

Due to Trabzon’s relatively long distance from the major cities in Turkey, going by plane is obviously the most popular way to get there. Trabzon International Airport serves to both domestic and international flights. Most frequent lines are Istanbul (IST and SAW) followed by Ankara (ESB). Most domestic and foreign tourists prefer to fly over these cities. However, last few years number or airports you can reach directly (both domestic and international) increased rapidly; especially during summer, there are frequent flights from Germany and Gulf Countries (mostly from Saudi Arabia).

By Car

Trabzon is located in the northeast of Turkey and is quite far from Istanbul and other major cities. However, the main roads from major cities are in good condition, so if you decide to go by car it is highly comfortable and safe, but long. In addition, the main road through Black Sea coastline (D10) offers amazing views of the sea, forests, mountains and cities.

By Coach

The slowest, but also the cheapest option you have is to take a coach. Most of the companies have offerings to Trabzon from most major cities, and even from smaller ones to Trabzon. A regular coach ride to Trabzon (including stopovers) takes 18 hours from Istanbul, 12 hours from Ankara and 6 hours from Samsun.